British Horology

Purpose  We are a Chapter of the National Watch & Clock Museum / National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors (NAWCC.ORG) created for Scholars and Collectors interested in British timepieces. 

Lets share, learn, & have fun.

Events & Meetings  - "Save the Dates"

Anyone can attend lectures & workshops at NAWCC events

Show and Tell. Please bring your new acquisitions or horological treasures to share what you know and ask questions to expand your knowledge. This will also be a brainstorming session to help direct future articles for our newsletter and bounce around ideas for future speakers. Let's have fun. 

The Greenwich Observatory Clock that Changed Time Throughout the World and its Forgotten Creator. Presented by Bob Pritzker (more)

The London Horological Engine Turners. Presented by Seth Kennedy (more)

2022 National Convention Mart Room


Early European Watches Exhibit

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