British Horology Times Newsletters

The British Horology Chapter 159 of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. was founded by Douglas G. Cowan, Lehr L. Dircks, and Thomas J. Spittler in 1993 and the first British Horology Times Newsletter was written the following month. 

The 30-year archive of our Newsletter is available below along with an index of articles. 

British Horology Times (BHT) Index of Articles

(No. 84) Devon Sea Clock, by Alan Pezula

(No. 83) Dating Early Watches; Nathaniel Washbourne of Gloucestershire, by Rich Newman

(No. 83) Lady Hamilton Automation Clock, by Rich Newman

(No. 82) The Pocket Watch as an Archeological Artiffact, Part 2, by Ken Rockwell

(No. 82) Fusee Watch Hands, by Rich Newman

(No. 81)        The Pocket Watch as an Archeological Artifact, Part 1, by  Ken Rockwell

(No. 80)        Transitional Pre-Hair Spring Timepiece (star watch), by David Cooper

(No. 79)        What Lubrication? By Dennis Radage

(No. 79)        Dating an Arnold Spring Clock, by Dennis Radage)

(No. 78)        William Graham, by Ann McBroom

(No. 77)        Antebellum Artifact (Towle and Myers watch), by Ken Rockwell

(No. 76)        Sam’l Bemis Watch Book 1785 – 1798, by Andy Dervan

(No. 75)        Clockmaking - The Golden Age, by Dennis Radage 

(No. 74)        Anglo - American Clocks, by Rich Newman

(No. 73)        Charles Lowndes Quarter Repeater Movement, by Pete Ekins

(No. 72)        Congreve Clock, Its History and Operation, by Bob Pritzker 

(No. 71)        Repairing a Daniel Quare Spring Clock, by Dennis Radage 

(No. 71)        Mystery Stretch Lantern Clock

(No. 70)        John Davis of Windsor (tall case movement), by Rich Newman

(No. 69)        Another Family Heirloom! by Dennis Radage 

(No. 69)        Mystery Bracket Clock, by Safwat Whabba 

(No. 68)        Samuel G Jones of Baltimore (Edward Massey escapements), by Newman , Richardson, Watkins

(No. 67)        English Carriage Clocks, by Doug Coward

(No. 66)        Walnut to Walnut (tall case), by Dennis Radage 

(No. 65)        Sun & Moon Watch; William Martin of Bristol, by Rich Newman

(No. 65)        Watch Papers, by Rich Newman

(No. 64)        English Carriage Clocks, by Doug Cowan

(No. 64)        2014 UK British Tour, by Safwat Whaba

(No. 63)        English Industrial Clock; William Bartleet of Birmingham, by Rich Newman

(No. 63)        Musical Longcase Clock by Claude de Chesne, by Doug Cowan

(No. 62)        Great Clock at Westminster Palace (accident and refurbishment), by Mark R Frank

(No. 61)        William Gamage (bracket clock), by Doug Cowan

(No. 61)        Workshop Notes; The Garage Mechanic, by Dennis Radage

(No. 60)        Masonic Watches, by Douglas Caulkins

(No. 60)        Washington Perpetual Calendar Watch Paper, by Rich Newman

(No. 59)        The English Lathe, by Bruce R Forman

(No. 59)        Watch Paper Copper Plate, by Rich Newman

(No. 59)        Italy Trip Journal; Chapter 159 Tour, by Joanne Del Greco

(No. 58)        Lantern or Longcase? By Dennis Radage

(No. 58)        Anything Can Be Fixed, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 58)        Italy Tour Report, by Jean and Philip Priestley

(No. 57)        Scottish Tower Clock, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 57)        John Moncas Liverpool Watch, by Doug Cowan

(No. 57)        Workshop Notes; The Perils of Dried Lubrication, by Dennis Radage

(No. 56)        Thomas Bell Watch, by Rich Newman

(No. 56)        Workshop Notes: Shipping Clocks is for Professionals, by Dennis Radage

(No. 55)        John Holmes Turret Clock in Greenwich Hospital, by Chris McKay

(No. 55)        Workshop Notes; Longcase Repair, by Dennis Radage

(No. 55)        Canterbury Cathedral and the US connection, by Stuart Kelley

(No. 54)        Nine Day Franklin Style Timepiece, by Roger Gendron

(No. 54)        English Sundials, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 54)        Seventy Years of Neglect; French Mantle Clock, by Dennis Radage

(No. 53)        Door Frame Style English Turret Clock, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 53)        Workshop Notes; Bushing, Performance Improvement or Decorative Art, by Dennis Radage

(No. 52)        The Gretton Project, by Dennis Radage

(No. 52)        Workshop Notes: Brass Dial Conundrums, by Dennis Radage

(No. 52)        How to Replace a Barrel Hook, by Tom Mostyn

(No. 51)        Scottish Sundial, by Richard Newman

(No. 51)        NAWCC Clock Tour 2010, by Ken Johnston

(No. 51)        Dundee, Scotland Tower Clock, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 50)        Robert Leslie, by Tom Spittler

(No. 50)        The Enfield That Wasn’t an Enfield, by Deena Mack

(No. 50)        Charles Clay Clock, by Ken Johnston

(No. 50)        John Forrest, by Ken Johnston

(No. 48)        Blue Moon (Tall Case Dials), by Tom Spittler

(No. 48)        Nineteenth Century Wheel Blanking Dies, by Bruce R Forman

(No. 47)        Handling a National Treasure (chronometer), by Dennis Radage

(No. 47)        More on Money, by Tom Spittler

(No. 47)        Murday Balance Wheel Clock, by Ken Johnston

(No. 46)        Big Ben Facts, by Deena Mack

(No. 46)        Understanding British Money, by Doug Cowan

(No. 45)        The Difficulty of Buying Well, by Doug Cowan

(No. 45)        Red Numbers on Tall Case Dials; What Are They? By Tom Spittler

(No. 44)        A Partnership Made With Love (Lantern Clock), by Dennis Radage

(No. 43)        The “Bogeyman” Clock (James Cuthbert of Perth, Scottland, by Doug Cowan

(No. 43)        The Two Thomases (Seth Thomas & Thomas Tompion), by Paul Odendahl

(No. 42)        Let the Buyer Beware (auctions), by Doug Cowan

(No. 42)        The London Tradesman, Part II, by Stuart Kelly

(No. 41)        The London Tradesman, Part I, by Stuart Kelly

(No. 40)        Cartel Clocks, by Doug Cowan

(No. 40)        John Harrison in the Abby, by Dave Kern

(No. 40)        My Irish Key Wind Watch (Robert Clench, Dublin), by Lewis Miller

(No. 39)        Interesting Brass Dials, by Doug Cowan

(No. 39)        Gutting a Longcase (Gut Cable), by Tom Spittler

(No. 38)        Samuel Jones, Cartel Clockmaker of Bath, by Doug Cowan

(No. 38)        Scam Hatched in Secret Meetings, Sotheby’s CEO Says

(No. 37)        Unusual Drop Dial Clock, by Doug Cowan

(No. 37)        A Clockmaker in Canada, by Jordan Renoud

(No. 36)        PM Barker Milling Machine, by Ken Johnston

(No. 36)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 14, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 35)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 13, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 34)        The Metamecs Have Landed (20th Century Clocks), by Doug Cowan

(No. 34)        The English Longcase Clock, by Dennis Radage

(No. 34)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 12, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 33)        From Clockmaker to Retailer, by Tom Spittler

(No. 33)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 11, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 32)        Striking Train Pinions of Report, by Roger Gendron

(No. 32)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 10, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 31)        Is This Skeleton Clock American (Harris, Griffen & Co.) by Doug Cowan

(No. 31)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 9, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 30)        The Tower Clocks of England (tour), by Frank Del Greco

(No. 30)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 8, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 29)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 7, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 28)        Royal Geographical Society #5 (Lund & Blockley watch), by Don Levison

(No. 28)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 6, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 27)              Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 5, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 27)        Sir John Bennett, Clockmaker, Showman and Sheriff, by Mike LaForest

(No. 26)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 4, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 25)        A. Wood, Clockmaker (ambrotype photograph), by Levison

(No. 25)        Window Into the Past (longitude attempts), by Doug Cowan

(No. 25)        Tides and Tidal Displays, by  Tom Spittler

(No. 25)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 3, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 24)        A Dublin Clock, by Killian Robinson

(No. 23)        An Unusual English Movement, by Jerzy Ganczarczyk

(No. 23)        Jonathan Chambers (longcase), by Roger Gendron

(No. 23)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 2, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 22)        If Only I Could Talk (Jonas Barber of Winster), By Jack Busch

(No. 22)        H. Samuel of Manchester (watch), by Jerzy Ganczarczyk

(No. 22)        Henry Jones in the Steeple – Part 1, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 21)        A Joseph Knibb Lantern Clock, by Doug Cowan

(No. 20)        History and Role of False Plates, by Tom Spittler

(No. 19)        Two Barraud Clocks (Holmden Movement), by Doug Cowan

(No. 19)        Watch by William Mason, Warwick, by Doug Cowan

(No. 19)        Domestic Barometers in London, by Stuart Kelly

(No. 18)        Testing a Tompion Timepiece (watch), by Doug Cowan

(No. 18)        A Look Tompion & Banger Watch No. 3935, by Curt Davenport

(No. 17)        Henry Jones and the Thorn (part II), by Stuart Kelley

(No. 16)        Henry Jones and the Thorn (part I), by Stuart Kelley

(No. 15)        Richard Rooker’s Watch No. 325 (pendulum watch), by Doug Cowan & Curt Davenport

(No. 15)        A Short History of English Duplex Escapements, by Jerzy Ganczarczyk

(No. 14)        George Graham No. 5277 (watch), by David Penney

(No. 13)        Musical Longcase (John Edgecumbe of Bristol), by Doug Cowan

(No. 13)        Cylinder Watch by George Graham, No. 5277, by Doug Cowan & Curt Davenport

(No. 12)        Replacing Ropes on 30-Hour English Clocks, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 11)        Fake Tompions, by David Penney

(No. 11)        Trusted’s Patent (William Bartleet of Birmingham), by David Penney

(No. 11)        Tour to England in May 1996, by Ken Johnston

(No. 11)        The Emotional Pleasures of Timepieces, by Leonard Orsini

(No. 10)        A Tompion Watch, by Fred Powell

(No. 10)        Auction Prices in the Northeast, by Ken Johnston

(No. 10)        Trusted’s Patent Repeater (William Bartleet of Birmingham), by Tom Spittler

(No. 10)        More on Caledonian Registered, by Tom Spittler

(No. 09)        Why the Watch Cock Vanished

(No. 09)        Snapshots in Time in British Horology (1631 Incorporation of the Clockmakers’ Company), Part II, by Philip Priestley

(No. 08)        Pocket Watches and Dorset Clocks, by Ken Johnston

(No. 08)        Snapshots in Time in British Horology (1622 Petition), Part I, by Philip Priestley

(No. 07)        Tubular Bell Hall Clocks; the Connection Between J.J. Elliott and the American Hall Clock Industry, by Tom Spittler

(No. 07)        Perhaps – It’s Pinchbeck! By Walter Rick

(No. 07)        Caledonian Registered, by Tom Spittler

(No. 06)        English Lantern Clocks, by Frank Del Greco

(No. 06)        Gledhill-Brook Time Recorder Movement, by Bernie Pollack

(No. 06)        Clock and Watch Trade in the 1860s, by Drew White

(No. 05)        Marriages, by Paul Odendahl

(No. 05)        Buying Materials in England, by Laurie Penman

(No. 04)        More on Elliott (American Hall Clock Industry), by Tom Spittler

(No. 04)        A Clock From British Columbia (Claudius du Chesne, London), by Doug Cowan

(No. 04)        Horological Holidays in England, by Doug Cowan

(No. 03)        Reeded Hood Columns, by Tom Spittler

(No. 01)        Maps on American & British Dials, by Tom Spittler

(No. 01)        I Search for the Holy Grail – A Perfect Bracket Clock, by Doug Cowan